Family Laundry Soap™

This is a very popular product in the local market. This product is produced in long bars, available in white and yellow colour.The product is offered at reasonable prices considering the quality of the end product,which has the following technical and general aspects based on the standards of
TZS:36.1979 (TBS)

  The total fatty matter content in the product is minimum 63%
  Free caustic in the soap is maximum 0.1%
  The chloride content is in the range of 0.7 – 0.8%
  The soap does not have any content filler
  The end product will not form fungus during storage
  The Soap Products are mainly perfumed with lemon fragrance
  Family soap will form good lather and not effect the skin during the wash
  Packed in 7kg and 14kg durable carton boxes
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